3R (Recharge, Retention, Reuse) pilot project in the Gorkha District

Published Date : 2014-07-15

NEWAH is currently completing the 3R (Recharge, Retention, Reuse) project in the Gorkha District of Nepal, supported by RAIN Foundation. 1 3R July 2014 - CopyThe Pilot Trial project, first of its kind to be implemented in Nepal involves the implementation of both standard water harvesting infrastructure, and new pilot trial water infrastructure, both aimed at securing water supplies in villages that are currently 100% dependent on groundwater discharge from springs.

The 3R Project is well underway, having implemented over 70 x 6.5 m3 rainwater harvesting jars, several 20 m3 community reservoir tanks

4 x hydrological gauging stations have been designed and constructed to monitor water resources in the catchments in which the villages occupy. Selected and trained community members are currently recording rainfall, streamflow and groundwater discharge water levels at the hydrological gauging stations. A hydrological model has been created which analyses the proportions of surface runoff and groundwater discharge occurring in the local waterways.

Detailed design drawings for 6 x new pilot trial water infrastructure systems have been finalised, and are ready for construction post this years monsoon season. The pilot trial water infrastructure systems that NEWAH will be pilot trialling in the villages are inclusive of the following:

  • 3R Reuse - Greywater reuse system
  • 3R Retention - Rainwater harvesting overflow system
  • 3R Retention - Recycled rubber tyre water trough
  • 3R Recharge - Infiltration pond
  • 3R Recharge - Infiltration ditch
  • 3R Recharge - Gully plugs

Engineers Without Borders (EWB Australia) volunteer Siobhan Maxwell has been the acting project engineer assisting NEWAH with the undertaking of this new pilot trial project. Siobhan as been in Nepal for 11 months, and has provided engineering design and analysis skills to her NEWAH counterpart Prembabu Shrestha, who will be responsible for the project post her return to Australia in July 2014.

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