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Surya Kumari was busy in throughout the morning cooking, cleaning her house and washing clothes per as usual. She served a meal for the whole family and herself as well. She put bait and grass out for the buffalo. Absolutely ignorant of the impending disaster she headed to the farm to dig the weeds from her crop of maize.

It was the 25th April 2015 and around midday the earth suddenly started to shake uncontrollably. The first earthquake had begun and the air was thick with terrified screams and panicked shouts.

Relief PhotoSurya Kumari ran fearfully towards her house. Thank god, her children were safe, although terrified, crying and shouting. The walls of her house were badly cracked and people were fearful to go inside to retrieve their belongings. Their buffalo had been killed when the farmhouse wall collapsed. The surrounding’s were obscured and covered by dust. This heartbreaking scenario was overwhelming, "I just can't explain the situation at this moment" she said.

They were further shaken by frequent and powerful aftershocks and as the day passed, her fears increased. 'Where will we stay tonight? What will we eat?' The unanswered questions ran strong in Surya Kumari's mind as well as other villagers.

Surya Kumari Bamjan is a resident of Amle VDC-2, Patabas of Sindhuli district. She has seven children including two daughters. Her husband is in the Gulf hoping to earn money to support his family at home so the responsibility of looking after the family falls entirely on her shoulders.

Due to the extreme anguish of her losses Surya Kumari didn't eat anything for two days and became ill. Her neighbors brought her to sub health post, but due to the absence of a health worker she had to be taken to the health post located in an adjoining VDC. The bill for treatment and medicine came to seven thousand rupees, which she had to borrow from a neighbor.

She made a lucky recovery, but they had still lost everything. "We stayed many days in neighbor's house, but it was not possible and practical forever. My major concern was shelter, because the rainy season was about to begin" she shares "when I received the relief material provided by CWW and NEWAH, I felt I have received most important thing in my life. I am a very grateful to them for providing us with these life-saving materials."


Health and Sanitation Facilitator, NEWAH