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Rajkut VDC of Baglung district is a remote area of the district located almost 62 Locationkilometers from the district headquarters. There is no any significant development infrastructure just a dirt road connects this VDC to district headquarters. However, recently even this has become unreliable due to the poor condition of the road.

Nonetheless upon visiting Galeng village of Rajkut VDC, we can see that development is not measured only in physical infrastructure. Applying awareness in practice is a key factor of sustainable development.When a WASH program launched in this community with the technical and facilitation support of NEWAH, financial support of charity: water and active participation of local people, some remarkable changes occurred in the community. NEWAH conducted an orientation program on sanitation and hygiene promotion with the coordination of the local V-WASH-CC Rajkut and Galeng Water and Sanitation User Committee.

The effect of the awareness program was very effective. Finally, each and every household built toilets, dish drying racks and hand washing stations. Due the proper use of this infrastructure the entire community has become clean and sanitary. 

The resident of Ganeng worked hard for their water facilities. It boosted the hygiene and sanitation condition of the community, due to the easy availability of water and increased frequency of hand washing. People are also finding it easier to bathe and clean their cooking utensils now that water is readily available.

Thus, sanitation and hygiene behavior of the residents of Ganeng has remarkably changed; it a great achievement that will benefit the village for years to come. They are proud of the changes brought in by everyone young and old. Showing her two daughters Babina (5) and Samjhana (4) who were washing their hands in a hand washing station with soap Punam Rana says "we learned good hygiene behavior from NEWAH, now our children replicating us." 

Sarita Kharel
Senior Health and Sanitation Facilitator
Rajkut VDC, Baglung