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This year, the 19th World Water Day was celebrated on 22 March 2011, in the Doti district and Tanglichowk of Gorkha district. The theme was “The World Walks for Water” which was facilitated by Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH) in collaboration with various other district level stakeholders. The World Walks for Water was a global event from 19-22 March 2011 raising awareness on the world’s current water and sanitation crisis and demanding strong government action to stop the needless deaths of 4000 children every day. Globally over 350,000 took part. 

The programme was jointly organised by the Federation of Water and Sanitation Users Nepal (FEDWASUN) andWWD - The rally proceeding towards the mass gathering NEWAH with the support of WaterAid Nepal (WAN), AusAID (Australian AID) and Fresh Water Action Network (FAN). Over three hundred people attended, including stakeholders, officers, leading political party members and representatives from different organisations such as the District Development Committee, District Health Office (DHO), District Education Office (DEO), District Technical Office (DTO), Regional Water Supply Monitoring and Supervision Office. The walk was from Silgadi to Gobrekhola of Doti district’s Warpata VDC (35km by bus and 8km on foot). Chaired by Jogee Dauda, Vice Chairperson of Gobrekhola Water Supply Committee, the assembly was facilitated by Senior Health and Sanitation facilitator Gagan Shahi from NEWAH.

The World Water Day was celebrated at Tanglichowk VDC- 1, 2, 3 and 9 in Gorkha with a large participation from residents, school students, teachers and family members. After an awareness rally, there was an assembly to discuss water issues.

The 6km rally/walk began from Jana Kalyan Secondary School, chanting water and sanitation related slogans, passing through Simle, Yangdi Gawatar, Kuwapaani area carrying placards, banners and empty water vessels and finally converting into a huge gathering of 140 people (including women, men and students) at Kuwapaani. 

The programme was organised by NEWAH in collaboration with partner NGOs including Sanghan Grahmin Bikas Kendra, FEDWASUN, Village WASH Coordination Committee, Radio Gorkha, District Development Committee (DDC), District Water Supply and Sanitation Division Office (DWSSDO) and was supported by WaterAid Nepal, Simavi and Rotary Club.

The speakers highlighted various problems faced by people in the absence of water facilities and expressed that to have access to water was a right of every citizen and the need for it to be established in the new constitution. Presently, six projects are running at Ghyachowk and Tanglichowk under NEWAH’s assistance financially supported by WaterAid, Simavi and Rotary Club.

Compiled by NEWAH staff
Name & Location of Project: Doti and Gorkha
Case study date: March 2011