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“Even though people say I am too young to be doing this job, kitchenBeli SK_cover page gardening has become more of my passion and daily routine”, says Beli SK. a 13 year adolescent of Punware-Shikhar. She is currently studying at Shree Janta Kisan Lower Secondary School, at PunwareDanda village of Rauta VDC in the seventh standard. Beli lives with her two young brothers since her biological mother left them three years back. Her father is currently working in Gaighat and hardly stays at home while her step-mother is in Kuwait for overseas job. Beli’s two brothers are also studying in the same school in the first and fourth grade.

Beli in this early age has developed this special interest in kitchen gardening. She plants, waters and nourishes the vegetables whenever she gets time off from her studies and the household chores. She has fenced and provided support to the climbing plants on her own. She says she was motivated by NEWAH’s “kitchen gardening promotion training under MUS campaign” which promotes waste water use for this purpose.

Beli currently has cauliflower, tomatoes, and chillies growing in her garden and says that she has been planting the vegetables as per seasonality and availability of seeds. Vegetable seeds were distributed by NEWAH during the kitchen gardening training, which got Beli interested in this activity in the first place and her strong determination and hard work has kept her going.

Under the joint managerial support of Save the Children, Finland and 
WaterAid Nepal, Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH) has been technically and financially supporting the Punware-Shikhar Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Project from a Child Rights Perspective at this village in Rauta VDC, Ward No. 5. This three years’ project is running effectively since F.Y. 2009/10.

Written by: Anusha Airi
Documentation and Communication Assistant, KMA Department
NEWAH, HQ, Kathmandu
Date: December 2011