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Published Date: 
Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The new quarterly Wall Newspaper has just been published. NEWAH Far Western Regional Office (FWRO) started publishing Jaagaran (Awakening) wall newspaper on a quarterly basis in 2004. Since March 2006, NEWAH Mid Western Regional Office (MWRO) introduced Pariwartan (Change) targeting community people from the Mid Western Region. Considering the need to save time, effort, resources and duplication of work, since June 2006 the two (Jaagaran and Pariwartan) was merged into Pariwartan ka laagi Jagaran. 

The wall newspaper is now published alternatively by all NEWAH regional offices on a quarterly basis including information from all NEWAH offices. The wall newspaper is targeted to provide information to grassroots users on local project news. It is published in easy to understand Nepali language considering the large proportion of neo literate readers at the local level.