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Akash says, "I really don't know what it feels like to be loved by your parents. But my aunt means everything to me. I would like to study hard, earn lots of money, take care of my aunt and make her proud. That is my ambition in life."

Akash Rai is a resident of Jalye village of Letang VDC Ward No. 6 in Morang District in Eastern Nepal. After the death of his father, Akash's mother left him to go to India. He was raised by his aunt, Kamala Tamang Rai, from an early age.

He is 13 now and is a very hard working and a devoted student. Akash Rai, resident of Jalye village of Letang VDC Ward No. 6Akash is a class eight student, and always comes first or second in class. He is also interested in sports and games and finds time to involve himself in outdoor activities. Because of his helpful and friendly nature, everyone is very fond of him.

Being a member of the Unique Star Child Club formed as part of the the Letang Child Rights in WASH project in Morang District, Akash was empowered through various trainings. Along with other child club members, he was able to put up his demand for an improved toilet with the community people, who further forwarded the demand to the Village WASH Coordination Committee (V-WASH-CC). 

Because of his poor economic condition, the V-WASH-CC provided support in upgrading his temporary toilet into a permanent one. He says, "This is an excellent achievement. I am very proud to the owner of a toilet at home and my aunt is so happy about it."

If you visit the project community you will often find this boy teaching his friends about hand washing practices, children's participation in various community development activities and child rights in WASH. 

Akash's devotion clearly demonstrates that he is dedicated towards his responsibilities and commitments. The project has really enhanced his personality and confidence.

Written by: Bhim Bahadur Limbu
Community Facilitator
Letang CRP in WASH Project, 
Date: December 2011