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When implementing water supply and sanitation programmes, NEWAH incorporates health and hygiene components in an integrated manner. The objective of implementing hygiene promotion activities in conjunction  with water and sanitation service delivery is to:

  1. Generate awareness by increasing knowledge of communities on preventive and promotional health/hygiene matters;
  2. Bring positive and sustainable changes in the hygiene and sanitation behaviour of the people;
  3. Lessen the prevalence of disease caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation, thereby assisting to achieve the Government of Nepal’s target to reduce the child morbidity and mortality rate and also support the overall development of individuals and society; and
  4. Reduce poverty by improving human health.

The hygiene and sanitation promotional programmes are conducted in the community focusing specifically on subjects such as disease caused by a lack of safe drinking water and improved sanitation, how to maintain personal hygiene, household sanitation, environmental / community sanitation and methods to treat diarrhoea. There are other programmes available based on the community's interest and requirements such as health camps, public awareness on HIV/AIDS, vaccines, nutrition, and education on uterus prolapse. Emphasis is put on sustainable behaviour change by promoting good hygiene practices, proper use of toilets, personal, household and environment  sanitation.