NEWAH is one of the country's leading NGO in the water supply, sanitation, and hygiene promotion (WASH) sector. Established in 1992, NEWAH is dedicated to helping poor, underserved communities obtain access to WASH facilities irrespective of gender, caste, class, and belief. Its vision is that of a prosperous and harmonious Nepal where every citizen is able to realize their right to safe drinking water, basic hygiene, and sanitation. In the past 28 years, it has served about 2.2 million people through 2,463 projects (by July 2020) ranging from safe and affordable drinking water supply to community-led total sanitation (CLTS), health and nutrition, menstrual hygiene management, 3R (recharge, retention, and re-use of groundwater and rainwater), climate change adaptation, and disaster response and rehabilitation.

Apart from implementing WASH related projects, NEWAH is also actively involved in research, awareness, and advocacy to secure people's right to WASH. It has strongly adhered to the principle of inclusion and equality at both management and operational level. Its outstanding work in the sector has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades including the 2001 Environmental Prize from the Ministry of Population and Environment and the 2013 Stars Impact Award from Stars Foundation UK. It’s mission, goal, and objective are as follows:

Mission - Improve the living standard of the people in greatest need through equitable and sustainable access to safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene services.

Goal - Bring clean water to the doorstep of the people, provide extensive health and hygiene education, and promote total sanitation in communities through collaborative projects.

Objective -

1.      Provide technical knowledge and financial support for the development and improvement of WASH services in unserved areas of the country;

2.     Develop the capacity of individuals and institutions involved in WASH sector to manage WASH programs sustainably;

3.     Engage in research and studies to enhance sectoral knowledge base and involve in research-based deliberations and advocacy for policy reform;

4.     Collaborate with government and other agencies to leverage equitable and sustainable access to WASH services; and

5.     Support state policies and stakeholders’ programs to increase equitable and sustainable access to WASH services.

NEWAH is registered at the District Administration Office (DAO) Kathmandu (registration no. 30/049/050) and is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council Nepal (affiliation no. 643/049/050). It has an Executive Board comprising seven members that hold the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the organization serves its mission. It currently operates in selected municipalities/rural municipalities of the country through two Provincial offices located in Sindhuli and Baglung districts and maintains 90 full-time staff.