Our Values

Transparency: NEWAH is committed to full transparency and good practice standards in its work including financial transparency.


Accountability: NEWAH takes ownership for its actions and adheres to the highest possible standards of accountability. NEWAH is accountable towards its working communities, governments and donors. NEWAH will hand over the projects to communities after project completion and transfer the accountability to the local government.


Poverty sensitive: NEWAH targets those communities who are living in poverty and seek to enable them to improve their quality of life through increased access to WASH services and various livelihood enhancement activities. The employment opportunities in the prospect activities are given to the poor and excluded group.


Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI): NEWAH ensures to make GESI a key priority across all its policies and implementation work. The approach aims to release women and the excluded groups from existing social, cultural and institutional marginalization so that they can realize their potentials and enjoy the benefits of development.


Community management:  NEWAH emphasizes the active participation of local communities and WASH institutions in the planning, construction, management, operation and maintenance of water supply and sanitation systems to ensure ownership, effective usage and sustainability of the systems.


Sustainability: NEWAH emphasizes making WASH interventions sustainable by seeking the community participation at every stage of the project cycle, building their capacity to take ownership of their development, and providing them with opportunities for socio-economic empowerment. NEWAH cooperates and coordinates with the local governments so that they can take the ownership for the sustainability of their WASH systems. NEWAH also facilitates to establish operation and management system in each project. For the sustainability of the projects, NEWAH also emphasizes to incorporate the cross-cutting and inter-dependent issues like climate resilience and DRR from the stage of planning, preparation of project (detail cost estimation) and also in implementation.


Non-discrimination: NEWAH does not discriminate any people based on their caste, class, religion, gender and political affiliations.

Neutrality: NEWAH is a non-political and non-partisan organization.