Dr. Maheshwar Prasad Yadav

Planning, Monitoring and Reporting Manager

Having a PhD in management and double master’s degrees in management and sociology, Dr. Yadav has been awarded “Nepal Bidhya Bhusan ‘Ka’ 2023” by the Government of Nepal. He has published over 25 peer-reviewed research articles in journals of national and international repute in Nepal, India, UK, and Sweden. He has also published two books on entrepreneurship and sustainable development in Germany. Dr. Yadav has communicated over 20 research papers at international conferences in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Israel as well as participated in more than 25 international conferences. In addition, he has published over 200 articles in national daily newspapers and online media on different themes such as WASH, renewable energy, entrepreneurship, socioeconomic issues, etc. He has over 19 years of experience in I/NGOs including the United Nations (UN), out of which over 13 years of experience in the WASH sector at the senior level. Currently, he is leading the planning, monitoring, and reporting department at NEWAH Headquarters in Kathmandu, Nepal. Being a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT), he is acting as the charity water’s program focal person to ensure effective coordination and communication with the funding partners to maintain a harmonious working relationship.