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Walking Towards a Healthy 2023 Together – a Fundraising Series by NEWAH You are an optimist? You believe in the impact of collective action? And you truly want to turn the world into a better place? Then you’re a perfect fit for NEWAH’s team of supporters from everywhere around the world. We are convinced that turning the world into a better place starts with thinking universally and acting concretely. Universally, water is the driving force of all nature. Concretely, clean water is the number one condition for communities to flourish. Water is a universal issue. We address this issue and bring clean and safe water to marginalized, underserved and disadvantaged communities in Nepal. The reason we were able to accomplish to improve the life of 2.18 million Nepalese so far, is due to our exceptional supporters. You are one of them! Learn how to maximize your impact and accelerate our community driven engine to complete our mission! In this document we want to empower you with some creative fundraising ideas. There are many concrete concepts and occasions for fundraising. We would like to give you a short introduction in terms of guides and tools and answer some frequently asked questions. Stay tuned as we are going to update this list on a regular basis. Let’s get started! This is what you will find below: 1. Fundraising Occasions Pledge your birthday campaigns “Thon”-Style Events Viral video challenge 10.000 steps challenge Give it up challenge 2. Our Fundraising Tools and Rules 3. Frequently Asked Questions 4. Our rewards for your fundraising efforts Feel free to use the list above to jump to the section most pertinent to you. Otherwise, strap in to learn all you need to know about fundraising! 1. Fundraising Occasions Not having an occasion to fundraise in connection with, is often an obstacle for anyone who wishes to fundraise. But what seems difficult in the beginning always can be solved with the adequate solution. Here are our Tipps to find the right fundraising occasions for you. Overview 1. Pledge your birthday campaigns 2. “Thon”-Style Events 3. Viral video challenge 4. 10.000 steps challenge 5. Give it up challenge 1.1 Pledge your birthday campaigns - How to create a birthday fundraiser 1.Make your birthday the fundraiser deadline date Deadlines are “ticking clocks” that inspire donors to respond faster. Raising funds around a birthday creates a natural deadline that compels people to donate. It also gives you permission to gently remind people to make a donation to your birthday charity. With a birthday fundraiser, you can make the deadline the date of your birthday, or the day after your birthday. Tip: Start your birthday fundraiser a few weeks before your actual birthday to give people enough time to see it and donate! 2. Draw others into your story A birthday or other special date creates a natural storytelling opportunity, and telling your campaign story is a crucial part of crowdfunding. Your story should answer basic questions any reader would have: who, what, where, when, why, and how. You’ll also want to give your fundraiser a catchy campaign title to grab readers’ attention. If you have decided to raise money for NEWAH, explain to potential donors why we as an organization are important to you. Consider this an opportunity to educate your readers about the cause. Click here to learn how to maximize your fundraising reach. We’ve created a short guide just for you. 1.2 “A-Thon” – Style Fundraiser An “a-thon” is a peer-to-peer style fundraiser that involves participating in a certain activity and gathering donations for participating in it. The activity can be almost anything, from reading to running to bowling. No matter what activity you choose, the premise is the same. Participants commit to doing the activity (reading a certain number of books, running a certain distance) and ask their friends, family, and coworkers to support them. Start your “A-Thon” fundraiser and win an exclusive online private tour to one of our project sites in Nepal, where your money will be used, to see your impact and personally get to know the people you helped. Find a detailed guide on how to start your fundraiser here. 1.3 Video Challenge With this peer-to-peer fundraising idea, we challenge supporters to complete a specific action that represents our cause. Then, they’ll record a short video or snap a quick pic and will tag at least 3 friends to participate. Those who accept the challenge only have to donate a small gift; those who don’t, have to donate a bit more. The cycle continues as they tag the next 3 challengers. We’ve set up something very special for you and can’t wait to see you participate and share your results. Click here to find our new challenge for the start of 2023. 1.4 Ten Thousand Steps Challenge Imagine the life of a woman in a remote village in Nepal who needs approximately one and a half hours to fetch water from the next natural water source. 45 min to the source and 45 min back. She does this twice a day, once in the morning before dawn and once in the evening. She has no other choice, because the village does not have a water system and the nearest source has just depleted due to a landslide. That’s 3 hours a day, with an average of 10.000 steps to make the distance. Could you imagine doing this every day? Would you try? What if we told you the average American walks 3.000 to 4.000 steps a day and to increase this number has significant health benefits? Getting in the recommended daily number of steps can be difficult—especially after a hard day at work or school. We want to encourage our supporters to get up from their desks and make a positive, healthy change with a 10,000 steps challenge. Each day, challengers will attempt to walk at least 10,000 steps, as the Nepalese women of our exemplified scenario. We encourage them to use their smartwatches or download a free pedometer app to track their progress. Click here to see the challenge design and how you can participate. 1.5 Give It Up Challenge Imagine you don’t have water access at your disposal all the time. Consider the scenario of living in a remote village in Nepal, where the next water source is a long distance away. To get a slight impression of how it feels to not to be able to turn on the tap at any given moment, we want to propose the following challenge to you. Give it up to use your number one main water source for a week. Determine an amount of money you donate to the cause, each time you unintentionally use it. You can also add an extra layer to it, by letting your friends and family pledge their support and donating a certain amount for each day you last without using it. To learn more, click here. 2. Our Fundraising Tools and Rules To participate in any given campaign or challenge above you need to create a personal fundraiser. This sounds complicated but we make it easy for you! Create your fundraising page and link it directly to our current project. Share your fundraiser online with your personal networks. Your friends and families will visit your page and donate to the cause. Each volunteer fundraiser is helping immensely to fulfill our mission. Click here to see the details. 3. Frequently asked Questions What is this fundraising campaign trying to achieve? This fundraising campaign is trying to generate funds for NEWAH’s freshly introduced new project “Help 24 million Nepalese with access to water”, to raise awareness about the water crisis and to build relations with potential long-term supporters fighting together with NEWAH for the cause through various contributions. What fundraising platform does NEWAH use to let supporters create their own fundraisers? NEWAH is a vetted GlobalGiving partner. The personal fundraising pages of supporters on are sub fundraisers for NEWAH’s project “Help 24 million Nepalese with access to water”. Are the donors given many payment options in the platform? Donors are given the following payment options: credit/debit cards, checks, PayPal, Apple Pay, bank wire transfers, stock transfers, and private equity shares (text-to-give options for US donors). Does the platform support relevant currencies? Global Giving supports USD, GBP, Euros (EUR), Canadian dollars (CAD), Australian dollars (AUD), and Kenyan shillings (KSH) via M-Changa. 4. Our rewards for your fundraising efforts With an outstanding effort in supporting us achieving our mission, you can win an exclusive online private tour to one of our project sites in Nepal. Here your money will be used and you can see your personal impact live while getting to know the people you help. To be eligible to participate in the competition for our rewards you need to apply with your completed project or challenge. You can do this here.